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Published  Author  since September 2, 2018

Member of the Catholic Faith

Married to Jeff on June 19, 1999

My  Heart: Jeff and  my Family

Security Supervisor for over 23 years

Goal: To become a full time Author and "Give Back" as much as possible; one person at a time.

Author without rules

I have read countless articles on how to capture attention through an “Author platform, or brand,” and that posting on social media alone just isn’t enough. So, this is why I chose to make my “brand” Author Without Rules.


I would usually take time to do some research on writing and promoting my writing whenever a writer’s block hit me; that way, I was still focused on everything to do with writing, including the publishing aspect of it, and to choose whether or not to self-publish. After I began submitting my first manuscript to the traditional publishing houses, I became frustrated; not because of the rejections necessarily, but because I would really study their websites, pay close attention to detail, and give them exactly what they asked for, only to be let down.


The worst thing an author can do is not pay attention to exactly what these publishers are asking for. But even though I was giving them what they asked for, if they did have an interest in my work, they wanted to change it too much, and even then they couldn’t guarantee that they would publish it. If they did publish it, I ran the risk of them mutilating my story and molding it into what they wanted it to be, because they felt they knew what would and wouldn’t sell.


As an Author who believes in my work, I can’t stress it enough; please, if you get nothing else from this post, always follow your own instincts and your heart; it will save you a lot of time and wasted energy if you end up turning away from the traditional publishers to take a chance on self-publishing. It took me a long time and a lot of anxiety to come to the conclusion that I was on my own, and if I wanted to fulfill my dreams, I had to make those hard decisions and stand firm to protect my story.


Truth be told, I had a lot of interest in Forbidden Desires, but I was not about to sell out just to publish it; and to people who only cared about the investment side of it. I feel that when you’re dealing with any kind of art, or any career choice for that matter, you must have a love for it too; it shouldn’t only be about the money, although sometimes it may turn out that you have a real need for the financial aspect of it; but be careful to never lose the passion behind the love of your chosen path. As it’s said, things worth having never comes easy; which I have finally decided to accept, and the reason I chose to self-publish, even though I know I’m taking the longer road to my destination.


Creativity should never be suppressed; and this is where the Author Without Rules really resonates with me. In my opinion, the traditional book publishers seem to be closed off to anything and everything; I was shocked with what they would and would not accept, which is limiting what your fan base may want to read. Do they want to sell a page turning book, or a horse tranquilizer? They aren’t taking into consideration that some readers like to read horrifying stories at times; probably more than most people think, and not everyone sees through rose colored glasses. As long as people don’t go out and commit horrifying acts from a story, then people should know that it’s OK to enjoy an off color story or a movie as just entertainment.


While writing my first novel, I knew I was that edgy writer. I’m one who likes to color outside of the lines; write something that scares me a little! I think shock value is huge in creating any piece of art; whether it’s a movie, a painting , or a book. I also know that my audience cannot be easily offended, or they won’t like my book. What’s truly satisfying is having that “hard to impress” person say, “I really liked this book; I just couldn’t put it down!” And I have experienced this with several hard to please people. 


Outside of being on my own to market my book, I have to say that I’m thankful that I had chosen to self-publish my story; this leaves all creativity open to what I need or want my story and future stories to be, including designing my own book cover; which I had done with Forbidden Desires. Writing and designing the book cover for my first story, was the most satisfying and exciting accomplishment I’ve done in my life thus far. I know I have countless other stories brewing, so if you would give me a chance I promise I won’t let you down.


I aim to be a personification of total freedom of creativity. I’ve heard time and time again that the sky’s the limit, so, I ask, why not me; why can’t I live the same dream as Stephen King, James Patterson, and Nicholas Sparks? It seems that the average person feels that dreams only happen for others; not them, or people they are close to. That attitude is negative and can be a hope squasher. I will do what it takes to make this happen for me; even if it takes me until I'm 150 years old! I've always taken the long road when it comes to anything in my life; which was never intentional - it's just who I am, so why should this accomplishment be any different? 

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